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Money Talks: Volume 16

15 March 2013

With all kinds of talk going on this week about mortgages, real estate, and just other financial topics in general, let’s get right into this week’s edition of Money Talks!

Personal Finance

Debt is a huge issue for everyone these days, but there are lots of ways to get out of debt. Financial Highway gives you 25 of those ways.

In addition to just debt, Canadians are stressed about paying bills, and holding onto their job. So reports the Ottawa Citizen.

If you’re behind on repaying debt, or those bills for that matter, RateSupermarket this week gives you 5 ways to fix your credit score.

Not really an article on finance, but still very relevant with all the grey divorces going on these days, the Huffington Post looks at those often forgotten in it – adult children.

Canadian Finance

With global economies improving at a faster rate than Canada’s, we’ve now slipped out of the top 10 developed nations, according to the UNThe Calgary Herald reports.

Finance Minister Jim Flaherty will unleash his federal budget next week, and it’s thought to be full of spending cuts. The Gazette out of Montreal has the details!

Real Estate

Stats Can is reporting that new home prices went up in January in most areas of the country.

TO Real Estate blogs also agree that prices went up, but they also report that sales were down.

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