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Money Talks: Volume 10

26 January 2013

Hockey is back, most of Ontario is going through a cold snap, and there are some interesting talks going around about mortgages. All of that and more in this week’s edition of Money Talks!

Personal Finance

The NHL is back and aside from asking how your team is doing, there’s another question the Canadian Finance Blog is asking this week: are you paying for it?

Ontario has fallen into a deep freeze this past week, with temperatures reaching well below -30 in some areas (and we don’t even want to talk about that windchill!) It actually seemed like good news to some in Montreal, until they found out they still had to pay for those frozen parking meters.

But if you live in Montreal (or anywhere else in Canada,) the RateSupermarket blog has tons of tips to keep you warm – and saving money!


Wondering what’s involved with porting a mortgage? Monster Mortgage gave us the rundown this week!

When mortgage rules were tightened last year, there was concern that first-time homebuyers would be hit the hardest. This week Canadian Mortgage Trends looks at just how hard they’re being hit.

Real Estate

This week The Star examined a housing development in Peel that may or may not be too ugly to bear. It’s up to you to decide.


Thinking of investing in mutual funds? Boomer and Echo revisits a video in which Kevin O’Leary and Amanda Lang review these investments, and how you should go about investing in them.

It’s RRSP season! While you may be rushing around trying to get your funds ready, Gail Vaz-Oxlade takes a look at who should not have an RRSP.

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