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Money Talks: Volume 1

16 November 2012

Welcome to Money Talks! This is our weekly edition where we’ll round up the best in financial news and matters around Canada and around the globe, and bring them to you in one neat little package. From real estate to the fiscal cliff, let’s look at this week’s edition – the very first one of Money Talks!


Did you know Kevin O’Leary is starting his own mortgage company? Few details are available as of yet, but Canadian Mortgage Trends takes a first glance:

Real Estate

Have a problem with your real estate agent? This week Your Home explains how you can lodge a formal complaint, and whether it’s a worthwhile thing to do, or not:–complaints-can-lead-to-sanctions-fines-or-loss-of-registration.

Already having buyer’s remorse before you’ve even moved in? Wondering if it’s too late to back out of the deal? This week Moneyville tells you if you can, or if it’s for better or for worse in your new home:–when-can-you-walk-away-from-a-house-deal.

There are tons of home gadgets available on the market for DIY projects. YourHome shows you four you can’t live without:–four-exceptional-diy-items-on-the-market.

Global Economy

It’s nice when world leaders can set an example. This week, YourMoney shines the spotlight on one that’s doing just that:

Not leading by example are the leaders in the United States, who can’t seem to come to an agreement on anything – including the fiscal cliff. The Toronto Star takes a look at how this cliff is already affecting Toronto’s stock market:—fiscal-cliff-worries-drag-tsx-lower.

Personal Finance

How do men and women spend their money differently? That’s just what Everyday Money looked at in this blog post this week:

Looking for a job? Have you considered self-employment to help boost your personal finances? My University Money looks at the growing trend of this industry, and how you can do it:

Canadian finance guru, Gail Vaz-Oxlade takes a look at our habits, our spending, and our saving, and what they all have to do with each other:


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