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Is H&R Block’s Second Look Worth a Second Look?

27 February 2013

Just this morning we told you about the one simple formula you can use when filing your income tax yourself and wondering what self-employed deductions you can make, and which ones you can’t. But what if you’re not one of the millions of people who file their own taxes? What if you need a professional’s help? When that’s the case, H&R Block is the preferred choice for many, and definitely the most recognizable in Canada. But is their new product – Second Look – really worth paying someone to do your taxes for you?

Just about everyone knows how H&R Block works. You bring in all your tax paperwork, they’ll calculate them and even send them in, and they’ll charge you a percentage of your return for doing the work for you (or just a flat fee if you’re not receiving a return.) Many think that this small percentage is worth it to save themselves the hassle of trying to figure out their own taxes, and the fact that H&R Block often gives you your money on the spot doesn’t hurt either. But now they’ve introduced a new product that also allows people to bring in past tax returns so that H&R can review them, and see if you really got the total refund you were eligible for. If not, they’ll refile those taxes for you, and get you your money.

So is it worth it?

Turns out, this isn’t just another gimmick – it actually is worth it. With their Second Look program, H&R Block does deliver on what they promise. And best of all, it comes at absolutely no cost to you. If you’ve had your tax returns done by someone else in the past years and you want H&R Block to have a second look, they’ll do it free of charge to you. If you’re set to get money back and want them to refile for you, only then will you be charged. However, if you don’t want to pay anything, they’ll still tell you about the available credits, and you’re still free to refile the taxes on your own (if you really want to.)

What’s even better is that just by downloading their app, you can take pictures of your documents and email them directly to H&R Block. If they need to speak to you for any reason, you can do it through email or even through online chat. You can get all that’s coming to you, without ever even leaving your home.

We have no affiliations with H&R Block, nor do we ever solicit one company over another. We do believe in telling consumers about the best financial products out there though, and this is definitely one of them.

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