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How to Start Christmas Shopping Early

21 November 2013

Today we wrap up our mini-series on Christmas shopping by telling you some tips you might want to take with you if you’re thinking about starting your Christmas shopping early. The entire reason you start that shopping early is to not only get it done and behind you, but also give yourself time that could in the end, save you money too. So how do you do that?

Make a list

Don’t have this on a tiny scrap of paper that could easily get lost – and don’t check people’s names off just because you’ve purchased for them. Instead, start by writing down – on your smartphone –  all names down in your notes. Take it with you wherever you shop (even if it’s online) and once you have someone’s gift bought, write it beside their name. This will not only make sure you’ve bought for everyone, but also remind you that you’ve already purchased a gift for someone, and remind you who you purchased that sweater for, so you don’t end up giving them the DVD instead.

Decide on a budget

You might know that you  have $500 to spend on Christmas gifts, but to make sure you don’d end up spending most of it on someone just because “it was the perfect thing,” don’t just determine the budget for all of your gifts, but for individual gifts as well. Set aside an amount – before you even begin shopping – for each person and how much you want to spend on them. That will ensure that you don’t go over your total budget, and will keep you on track.


Before you even go shopping, simply keep your ears open and listen to what people have to say when people start talking about Christmas presents. Listen to things they’re asking for, or just pay attention when something catches their eye that they really love. Write all of those ideas down on your list under their name, and then you know what to keep your eye out for when you’re shopping.

Start even earlier next year

If you get all your Christmas shopping done really early, you can start thinking about next year’s present early too. Boxing Day is a great time to pick up all kinds of deals, even if it’s just wrapping paper for the following year. And if you saw something in your pre-Christmas shopping that was too much at the time for that certain someone, now is the time to go back and see if you can’t pick it up for a cheaper price.

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