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How to Make the Most of Your Backyard this Summer

13 July 2013

It’s summertime and that means it’s time to get out into your backyard and have some fun! But summer is about more than just raking the leaves and lounging in the sun. You can take this opportunity to make some great home renovations! Or, should we say, backyard renovations?

When people think of revamping their backyard space, they usually focus on landscaping items such as putting new grass in, erecting a fence, or doing some major work in their flowerbeds. These are all great ways to make your yard more attractive, but is it really fun? Because as it turns out, that’s what homeowners – and their guests – are looking for most.

Yes, backyards have become much more than just a place to let the dog out. People today want to expand their living space in the hotter months and are looking to move things outside. That means large expansive decks with multiple sections for different activities (star-gazing, barbecuing, etc.)

On that deck you’ll often now find not just a barbecue, but an entire kitchen!Placing the most basic kitchen in your backyard with nothing but your grill and a counter top will cost you about $3,500 but for just another thousand or so you can install a sink, and maybe even a bar fridge to cut back on the treks into the house.

Water features have always been popular, but homeowners are upping the ante on those too by making them interactive water features. So whether it’s a koi pond, a wishing fountain, or a fountain that spills into an area for people to dip their toes, people want to get into the water this year!

And while we’re talking about water, don’t forget about the pool and hot tub! Yes, these are still very popular among homeowners – and home buyers! In-ground is always more attractive than above-ground, but really if you’re offering a way to relax or cool down, we don’t think your guests will mind in what form that is.

Home buyers are often willing to pay more for a home that has an attractive backyard, simply because landscaping can be such arduous (and expensive) work. If you’re thinking of giving your yard a face lift this summer, consider these options to get the most bang for your buck (although pools can be disputed as a way to bring down home value. Hot tubs are still very fair game, though!)

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