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How to Have More Money

5 November 2012

Our household debt levels are at the highest point they’ve ever been in history. Meanwhile, our incomes are growing at their slowest rates during the same time period that our debt’s been rising; and high-cost items such as mortgages don’t seem to be getting cheaper at the rate most of us would like to see. The bottom line here is that, we all want more money, we’re all looking for more ways to have more money all the time. Well truthfully, there are many ways to get and have more money. But if you want to do it right, these are the three steps to follow.

Pay Yourself First

This is a mantra that you’ll hear any financial expert speak; and there’s a reason for it – it’s true. How can you ever possibly hope to have more money when you’re continually giving away every penny to other people? Don’t make this the last priority as so many do or it will never get done. Pay yourself 10% out of every paycheque and put it away. Do not dip into it (ever ever ever) and you’ll see your savings (and therefore, the amount of money you actually have) start to grow.

Go Back to Having Nothing

How does going back to nothing help you have more money? Because it’s only your mind that goes back to nothing – while the rest of you continues to stockpile all that money in the bank. Think like you have nothing, and act like you have nothing. Not only will you spend less, but you’ll actually want less too, compounding the effect of going back to nothing because when you want less, you spend less, repeating the cycle. Think like you have nothing, and you’ll be surprised with how much you actually do have.

Boost Your Income

This one just makes sense; when you’re making more  money, you have more money. So, how do you boost your income? You get another job! Whether it’s an online store you start up, begin offering freelancing consultation services, find a part-time job, or just start digging around in your attic for old finds that can be pawned every week, you’ll be boosting your income. And then you’ll have more money.

Finding more money and having more money can be a big challenge for anybody. These three tips are the biggest ones you can gain when trying to build up your net worth though; and they’re all great starting points on the path of having more money.

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