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Home Renovation Tips to Keep Your Home Green

3 July 2013

It’s the season of home renos again, and one of the most popular trends for homeowners is still to make their home greener and more friendly to the environment. If you’re one of these homeowners and are wondering where to get started, here are some simple tips that will get you started:

  • Filling in areas that currently don’t have any (or little) insulation is a great way to keep your home green. It will keep in cool or hot air, requiring the air conditioner and furnace even less. When making this renovation use rock wool or cellulose insulation to keep it as green as possible. Both of these materials are made from recycled material.
  • Know what appliance is using up the most energy in your home? It’s your refrigerator! Consider switching out that power guzzler for one that’s energy efficient, or even downsize to use even less energy. Make sure you’re always checking the energy rating, and always choosing the lowest.
  • Did you know that hot showers use up about 45 per cent of the water in your home? Low flow shower heads can greatly help with this, releasing less water per minute but still giving you that relaxing and refreshing shower. Look for one that has a water flow of 1.75 gallons per minute or less. Doing so will save you up to 30 per cent on your water bill.
  • But the shower isn’t the only thing in that bathroom using up all the water – the toilet is too. While it’s harder to control the amount of water being consumed with a toilet than it is a shower, there are still things you can do. Mainly, look for low flow or low flow dual flush toilets that will save you up to 25 per cent on your water bill (that’s over half of that bill gone with just two simple improvements!)
  • Windows can be a huge energy waster, but how do you know which ones are energy efficient? Look for those that are Energy Star rated zone C or D. Also consider installing casement window. They’re not as drafty as other windows such as slider or double hung windows, especially as they begin to age.

Making your home green isn’t only good for the environment, it’s good for the family budget too. Follow these easy steps and you’ll be one of the homeowners that finds their home renos truly paying off!

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