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Christmas Shopping Tips

20 November 2013

With a mini-series that began on Sunday and revolved around the subject, we’ve been doing a lot of talk about Christmas shopping. So far we’ve found out that while many consumers will be researching their purchases online, after they do so the majority will also be heading out to brick and mortar stores to either actually make the purchase, or to pick it up after holding it online. We’ve also found out that most of our are going to be spending slightly less this holiday season than we did last year, and sorted out those spending by province. Today, we ditch the surveys and data, and just bring you some Christmas shopping tips.

  • Have breakfast. Even if you’re going shopping at night, and even if you’re planning on getting something at the mall. Before you hit one store, eat a good hearty breakfast. Note that ‘hearty’ does not mean a bagel smothered in cream cheese, or a doughnut or pastry. While these will fill you up in the short-term, they’ll quickly send your blood sugar plummeting, and you’ll be tired and sluggish all day. A good healthy breakfast that includes fibre, protein, and healthy fats like Omega-3s will make sure you don’t rush through your shopping, and that you get the very best deal.
  • Be comfortable, but stylish. Yes, it’s of huge importance to be comfortable when spending a day Christmas shopping. But don’t take this as a day when you can wear sweatpants and a ratty t-shirt out in public. Also dress with a bit of flair, and a bit of style that shows off your personality. While you might think this is silly Christmas advice, people are more prone to buy things for themselves, like new clothes, when they’re not feeling great about themselves, think they have nothing in their closet, and in general just want to look better. This will end up towards you making purchases that are for you and that you may not need; not what there to do.
  • Bring your own tunes. Yes, you can count on the store’s soundtrack, but the chances are good that they’ll be warm and comforting Christmas tunes that will get you to stay in the store longer than you need to, waste your time, and maybe get you to spend more money. Instead bring along your favorite upbeat music and have at least one bud in your ear at all times. This will let you pay attention to your surroundings, but not be bogged down by them.
  • Go alone. You can still do Christmas shopping with your friends and family, but make sure it’s only after you’ve gotten the majority of your list done. We tend to buy more when we combine shopping and socializing, and you’ll be able to move faster if you’re on your own. Plus, you’ll be able to buy whatever you need for whoever you want and not worry about anyone sneaking a peek!

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