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We keep our finger on the pulse of the mortgage investment market to provide you with the latest news and trends from our team of experts. Read our blog to get the latest on mortgage investing so you can invest with confidence.

20 June 2017

Shopping for Mortgage Rates in Ontario: What You Need to Know

Mortgage rates have a significant impact on the overall cost of your home. If you’re in Ontario, consider these tips for landing the best rate possible.

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16 January 2012
A Closer Look at the Banks’ New Deals

Homeowners and homebuyers rejoiced on Wednesday when the Bank of Montreal lowered their 5-year fixed rate deals to 2.99%. Meanwhile, many of the other major lenders in Canada were in a panic to also come up with new products and packages to match BMO’s offer. The bidding war was the best mortgage news Canadians had…

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14 January 2012
Canadian Banks Competing for Mortgages

It’s no secret that banks have been looking to increase their profit margins for some time. With interest rates lower than they’ve ever been, the banks needed to come up with new ways to make money. While it might not sound like that’s great for the consumer or homeowner looking to refinance their home or…

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13 January 2012
Confusion Surrounds Canadian Housing Market

The confusion with the current state of the Canadian housing market began when interest rates were set to record lows early last year. That created a surge of homebuyers, and of home sellers that knew those buyers were ready to pay whatever price was put on a home. That led to home prices climbing and…

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18 December 2009
Controversial HST Comes Into Effect in July

The controversial harmonized sales tax (HST) was passed through legislature recently. When the HST kicks in on July 1, 2010, it will add 8% sales tax in Ontario and 7% sales tax in British Columbia to many items that were previously only taxed GST at 5%.

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