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15 September 2017

Money Talks: Housing Market Slowdown Not Enough to Stop Canada’s Booming Economy

Ontario’s cooling housing market has been no match for Canada’s booming economy. Canadian GDP surged more than expected in the second quarter, growing at the fastest pace since 2011.

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23 April 2013
What’s Really Bugging Calgary Homeowners?

Air conditioners. That’s the biggest beef on the minds of Calgarians this spring as we look forward to those hot, summer months. Air conditioners that are too loud, run constantly, and in some cases one resident says, is even affecting the health of the neighbours around it. The problem is simple; whether or not the…

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6 April 2013
Why all the Gloom Surrounding Alberta?

There really has been a lot of talk lately surrounding the booming economy of Alberta. But still, some economists are gloomy about things such as the housing market. But it’s Alberta. And you can bet that if it rains on your bail of hay one day, the sun will come out and dry it all…

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20 January 2013
Calgary Real Estate Bucking All Trends Again!

While there has been panic surrounding the national housing market in December, there’s been one city that’s been shunning all trends; and it might not surprise you to know it’s Calgary. Calgary was in fact, the only city in the entire country that saw year over year gains in their market during the month of…

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27 October 2012
Calgary Crunch Leading to Homelessness

While cities all over the country might be facing a problem of overstock inventory on their housing market, and few buyers for them, Calgary is experiencing a different problem. That is the fact that while more and more people are pouring into the city every year looking for a new home, Calgary is simply running…

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12 October 2012
New Rules not Hurting Luxury Calgary Mortgages

The mortgage rules that went into effect on July 9th have gotten a lot of talk. Much of the chatter has surrounded the new rules on mortgage insurance; closely followed by new regulation applied to home equity loans, HELOCs, and home refinancing. But there was another rule announced at the same time that hasn’t gotten…

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9 October 2012
Calgarians Believe Calgary Mortgages Better than Renting

A new survey conducted by PwC shows that most Calgarians think that Calgary mortgages are affordable. And that they’re even more affordable than renting. And if you look at recent stats coming out the Calgary Real Estate Board, that’s probably true. Both results combined, experts say, are just another indication that Calgary is actually one…

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