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Money Talks: Volume 36

3 August 2013

Credit card interest rates and back to school shopping top this week’s personal finance section, while Gail Vaz-Oxlade tells us why it’s so important to include conditions in your offer to purchase – even when you’re dying to get that home. Meanwhile, they now have an idea of just how much infrastructure was damaged from the Alberta floods – and the starting number will shock you. That and more in this week’s look at the best financial news from around the Web.

Personal Finance

If you have a credit card the chances are good that at some point you’ve tried to get your interest rate lowered. But have you? The Canadian Finance Blog looks at how to do it, and their commenters share their own experiences.

It’s time for back to school shopping, and according to a consumer confidence survey, retailers should be expecting good things! The RateSupermarket reports.

Do you think you’ll retire in debt? A new study shows that half of Canadian retirees currently are.


This week Canadian Mortgage Trends takes a very interesting look at the Bank of Canada, inflation, and mortgages.

Want that dream home so bad that you’re willing to waive important conditions – like a home inspection? Gail Vaz-Oxlade tells you this week why that strategy in particular is a very dangerous one.

Canadian Economy

205 pieces of infrastructure have been counted so far as areas hit by the Albertan floods. And that’s not including important buildings such as Calgary City Hall. The Calgary Herald has the full story.

Think health care in Canada is free? Everyday Money looks at just how much it’s really costing us.

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