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Money Talks: Volume 29

14 June 2013

Personal Finance

This week Gail Vaz Oxlade wants to remind you about the saving marathon.

Lots of families are a two-income household. But is that really better? Everyday Money takes a look.

It’s Father’s Day this weekend! How much are you spending on dad, and how does it compare with RateSupermarket’s national average?

Canadian Finance

Good news for train travelers! VIA isn’t going on strike after all! The CBC reports.


If you’re about to become an investor, you really should become familiar with the P/B Ratio. But just what is that? The Canadian Finance Blog sheds the light.

Want to manage your investment risk a little better? Boomer & Echo tells you how.

Real Estate

Are you a buyer in the GTA? Find out how much of that home price is going straight to the governmentThe Star reports.

In addition to the home price, Mortgage Broker News also looks at the burdensome tax load GTA buyers take on.

And speaking of home prices, how overvalued are Canadian homesCanadian Real Estate Magazine takes a look.

With all that bleak news, is it any wonder that we shouldn’t get our hopes up? The Financial Post tells us why.

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