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Money Talks: Volume 25

17 May 2013

This week there’s a lot to talk about. From personal finances to investing to mortgages and more, there was a lot going on in the money talks we listened in to this week.

Personal Finance

Are you a consumer in Alberta? If so you’ve probably noticed that prices are up a bit from where they were last year. The Calgary Herald reports.

Going to be traveling at all this summer? This week Boomer & Echo looks at the many travel costs you’ll be facing.

Canadian Finance

Canadians around the country breathe a sigh of relief as a deal is reached, and an LCBO strike is averted. The Montreal Gazette has the story.


Love investing but hate marketing? This year the Engaged Investor breaks down the importance, and the relationship, between the two.


Think that Flaherty is regretting his move to tighten mortgage rules? This week the Mortgage Options blog reports on how the Finance Minister is actually quite pleased with the way the market has cooled.

Real Estate

Trying to avoid real estate rage as you buy or sell a home this spring? RateSupermarket has tips that will help.

Home sales continue to fall while home prices continue to climb in Toronto. The TO Real blog reports.

There are houses, and then there are houses. The Huffington Post reveals 7 of the most unique treehouses you’ve ever seen!

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