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Money Talks: Volume 22

26 April 2013

From trying to figure out today’s housing market, to new restraints on insured mortgages, to saving a little dough on birthday parties, this week there was lots to talk about, and from all corners of finance. So with no further ado, here’s the best money talks we could find from around the web.

Personal Finance

If you have a  child, you know how expensive it can be to throw them a birthday party. This week Gail Vaz-Oxlade gives you tips on how to throw a kids’ birthday party on the cheap.

Speaking of Gail, one of the things she’s always telling people in debt is that they have to either cut their spending, or generate more income. This week, the Canadian Finance Blog gives you four ways on how to do the latter.

And speaking of debt, this week the Everyday Money blog gives some good news – Canadians are going to use their tax refunds to pay down their own debt!


Ever since last July there’s been a ton of talk about mortgage insurance in Canada. This week, Canadian Mortgage Trends looks at yet another constraint on this product.

Real Estate

So, is the market hot or is it cold? This week the Mortgage Options blog gives you some answers.

Whatever temperature it is, this is definitely not the same housing market as your parents. This week RateSupermarket examines those differences.

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