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How to Tell if You’re Real Estate Obsessed

23 June 2013

Just yesterday we brought you survey results from Zoocasa, which showed that most of us Canadians are in fact, real estate obsessed. But how do you tell if you’re one that falls into this majority? Here are five ways to tell.

TV and online obsession

Okay, this doesn’t mean that you’ll sit down in front of your television or at your computer and zone away for hours on end watching anything that comes up. No, to tell if you’re real estate obsessed you have to get a bit more specific as to what it is you’re actually watching. Is it House Hunters? Love It or List It? Property Brothers? There is no shortage of real estate shows to watch today, whether the people on the show are renovating their home or looking for a new one. And if these shows make up the majority of your downtime, there’s a good chance you’re real estate obsessed.

Open house obsession

There’s only so much of a thrill that you can get from watching TV though, right? And when you want to see beautiful newly installed appliances, smell the new hardwood floors, and check out the latest in bathroom renos for yourself, there’s only one place to go – an open house! In any town in Canada you can find a number of open houses on any given weekend. And if this is the main way how you like to spend yours, even when you’re not in the market, you can bet you’ve got the obsession.

Interest rate obsession

Are they going up? Are they going down? What’s the going rate at all the Big Five banks? And at the second-tiered banks? Trusts? If you need to know who has the best deal on mortgages and real estate at all times, well, you can guess what syndrome that points to – real estate obsession.

Appraisal obsession

Do you often find yourself telling your spouse about the value of homes as you drive by them? Do you like to find out who’s renovating in your area and take a guess as to how much that’s going to increase the value of their home? Or do you walk by homes with a critical eye, looking at all the items that are detracting from that future sales price? If you think you’re an appraiser at heart, even if you’ve never actually had a second of formal training and education, then yes, you are real estate obsessed.

Redecorating obsession

There’s only one thing to do when you’re in love with real estate but can’t afford to buy a new property every month – renovate the one you already have. If you’re always checking out the latest celebrity home decor, the newest trends in home renos, and scoping the best deals at furniture stores, you might be real estate obsessed – and are just better at hiding it.

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