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Doing the Oscars, on a Budget

23 February 2013

The Oscars are tomorrow night and as you wait and watch to see if our favourite Hollywood actor or actress is taking home an award, you also want to get a taste of all the glamour! That’s why Oscar parties are so extremely popular, and why they can be the most fun event you throw all year long! But while we may like to dress up like the rich and famous every now and again, we certainly can’t spend our money like them. So this is how you throw your Oscars party on a budget!

Dress the Part
You can’t have an Oscars party without slipping into your most stylish, most glamorous ball gown or tux, so do it up! This is the Oscars and you need to do it right! Just make sure that the glamour you choose for the evening is something you already own – so you don’t go over budget just on your wardrobe!

Lay out the Red Carpet
It’s not the Oscars without you looking your best, or without a red carpet leading up to your door. Yes, put the red carpet down – inside and out – so that your guests can feel like a real celebrity when they arrive! Want to do it for cheap? Just pick up a large piece of bright red fabric and lay it down, or check with hotel supply stores in your area.

Break out the Bubbly
It’s a celebration, and none would be complete without some good bubbly to toast it with! Always have champagne on hand for your guests as they arrive or, if you’re going on the cheap, sparkling wine works too.

Set the Tone
There is always dinner for the celebrities to go along with those statues they’re desperately hoping to win, and you can bet their table is always done up right. Do the same to yours by making it totally elegant. Buy fabric or use your best linen as a tablecloth, and then create a gorgeous centerpiece using glitter, faux flowers, and beads from a craft store.

Serve Award-Winning Apps
Yes you should have a main meal but before that even you should have some things lying around for your guests to munch on – and they should be decadent! Choose shrimp cocktail, or even just a nice cheese platter that oozes sophistication, while giving them something to soak up all that bubbly!

Everyone’s a Celebrity!
At the beginning of the evening (or before your guests even arrive,) ask them to choose one of the nominated actors or actresses to represent for the night. They can hop in and out of character as much as they like, you can make seating cards with their celebrity name on them, and it will really add to the evening!

Silver Linings Punch
Create a signature cocktail for the evening, and give it a cute name to go along with the nominees. Make one and name it after one of the films nominated for “Best Picture,” or create several and name them after the nominees.

Don’t Forget the Swag Bags
One of the whole points of the evening is to treat your guests like a celebrity and truly make them feel like one. So when they leave, give them a swag bag. The ones for the stars include things like cell phones and jewelry, but you don’t have to go that far. Choose some candles, manicure sets, and other affordable items – just make sure everyone gets one!

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