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7 January 2013

Mortgage Rules to Increase Rent in 2013

Just this morning we brought you some of the biggest changes the Canadian mortgage market is likely to experience in the upcoming year. But there’s one that will have such an impact on everyone – especially if you still haven’t found your dream home – that we thought it deserved an entire post dedicated to…

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9 December 2012
Is Mike Harris Responsible for the Toronto Condo Boom?

Mike Harris was known as a lot of things during his time as Premier of Ontario. Many considered him to be the province’s saviour who pulled us out of our huge deficit and actually saw us running a surplus for a few years in the 90s. Others, especially at the time, saw him as the…

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14 September 2012
Think Toronto Mortgages are Bad? Try Renting!

The dream has always been to give up that tiny Toronto apartment and trade it in for a Toronto mortgage that you can call your own. Whether that mortgage is on a condo or a single-family is another story altogether; but that dream is still very much alive. Unfortunately, Toronto’s housing market is jam-packed and…

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