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26 July 2016

Ottawa’s Condominium Conundrum

Every real estate market has its stories, and one of the most interesting ones in the nation’s capital is that of condominiums.

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18 February 2013
Want a Condo, but not in Toronto? Try Ottawa Instead!

Whether you’re searching for your next investment property or that next place to call home, you might be a bit wary to look at any condos. Indeed, the story of Toronto condos has all Canadians thinking that these “boxes in the sky” are becoming the bottom-feeders of the housing market, thanks to an oversupply and…

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13 November 2012
Cooling Housing Market will Shift Trend in Ottawa

Take a look at Ottawa, one of the cities that’s experiencing a significant cool-down in Canada right now, and the numbers may seem grim. Like so many other places, prices are going up while starts, and sales, are dropping off. But take heart, says Abdul Kargbo of the CMHC. Fresh young faces are appearing more…

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24 July 2012
Best Mortgage Renewal Tips

When it’s time to renew your mortgage, your lender must by law send you a letter saying that your Toronto mortgage is about to expire. But, aside from the fact that the letter will say your mortgage will be over, it won’t tell you much. So, what are some tips to make sure that you…

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18 July 2012
Responsibility of Co-Signer for Mortgage in Ontario

If one of your family members or very, very good friends has bad credit and doesn’t have a sizable down payment to make up for it, they may come to you and ask you for help by co-signing their Ottawa mortgage. This can be a great thing to do. It will give them a good…

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15 July 2012
Should you Leverage your Home to Buy Rental Property in Ottawa?

So you already own your own Ottawa mortgage, and you’re thinking of getting another one in the way of rental property. But should you leverage your home to buy rental property in Ottawa? It’s a good idea, using your home equity to use as a down payment on the purchase of your rental property. And…

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14 July 2012
Why you Should Pay your Mortgage Early in Canada

Many people think that they must pay off their Ottawa mortgage as soon as possible, and don’t consider exactly what that means. And while it might be obvious why you should pay off your mortgage early, it might not be as obvious why you shouldn’t. Of course, the reason why you pay off your mortgage…

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