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18 March 2013

Dishing the Dirt on the Common Law Status

Divorces can be a messy thing, especially if you have a home that you need to split up. But what about if you’re common-law? Who gets what? How are things split up? And what are the conditions to be considered common-law anyway? What has to occur for a couple to be deemed “common law“? Typically,…

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27 January 2013
Divorcing is Tough. What if You’re about to Retire at the Same Time?

Divorce is certainly something that is never easy. No matter what stage of life you’re in, or what your plans were for the “next phase,” typically divorce for most means living a life very different than what was originally imagined. Not to mention the pain of letting someone go. But while divorce is always hard,…

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30 September 2012
Grey Divorce Numbers Rising, Leaving Many Unprepared

The numbers that were released by Statistics Canada a couple of weeks regarding the latest census study continue to unveil some interesting facts about the makeup of the nation; and how we’re living our lives. One of the latest reports focuses on the numbers of senior citizens that have recently divorced. The numbers show that…

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30 July 2012
What are your Mortgage Options when Going Through a Divorce?

Going through a divorce can be an extremely painful and difficult thing for everybody involved. But add to that the fact that you have a Toronto mortgage and things can really get complicated. So what are you supposed to do with your mortgage once you start going through a divorce? Luckily, unlike anything else that…

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