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We keep our finger on the pulse of the mortgage investment market to provide you with the latest news and trends from our team of experts. Read our blog to get the latest on mortgage investing so you can invest with confidence.

14 November 2016

Canada’s Economy Shows Progress as Housing Market Awaits Fallout from New Mortgage Rules

Canada’s economy created 43,900 jobs in October, marking the first back-to-back gains in employment in over a year. On the housing front, real estate sales are diverging between East and West, as markets await the fallout from Ottawa’s new mortgage rules.

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12 July 2016
Money Talks: Volume 1 (2016)

Money Talks returns with a look at how the UK’s referendum on European Union membership is influencing Canada’s mortgage market.

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4 July 2016
How Brexit Could Impact Canada’s Housing Market

Brexit dealt a massive blow to the financial markets, as heightened economic and political uncertainty triggered unrest across the globe. The aftershock of the referendum will have a prolonged impact on the global economy, including real estate.

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18 August 2013
An Example of Fine Economic Balance

We all know that keeping our economy in good shape is a delicate balancing act. The need for consumers to keep spending and putting money into the economy, while not racking up huge household debt is one of them – and one that we’ve talked about many times. But what about when things like home…

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14 August 2013
CRA’s Tax Evasion Investigation goes Middle-Class

For several months now Canadians have known about the massive investigation performed by CRA (Canada Revenue Agency) that’s been trying to expose tax cheats. Up until this point the investigation has mostly focused on offshore tax accounts, and multi-millionaires that are simply trying to hide their money from the government so they don’t have to…

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13 August 2013
Don’t Want Your Mortgage Seized? Don’t Live in California!

Thank goodness things like this don’t happen in Canada! But this is one mortgage story from California that was so shocking, we had to tell you about it. If nothing else, it gives us one more reason to be happy that Canada’s and America’s mortgage markets are very different. The story takes place in Richmond,…

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12 August 2013
Job Data Tanks in July

Watching the job market is a lot like watching the mortgage market. It’s got its own ebbs and flows, and the emerging data is that of the type that’s always changing. This year March saw a steep decline in jobs, only to be picked up by April’s number of 95,000 jobs that were created. Now…

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