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23 November 2016

Money Talks Volume 4

Donald Trump’s surprise election victory appears to be sending a “sell Canada” signal to the financial markets. This edition of Money Talks looks at the state of the Canadian market in the aftermath of the US election.

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12 July 2016
Money Talks: Volume 1 (2016)

Money Talks returns with a look at how the UK’s referendum on European Union membership is influencing Canada’s mortgage market.

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20 May 2013
Nigel Wright Next to Resign in Senator Mike Duffy Housing Expenses Scandal

Back in February the story was broken about Senator Mike Duffy’s housing expenses, and whether or not it was right that he was forced to take out two mortgages, and was then criticized in Parliament for over-spending on housing expenses. It turns out, that Senator Mike Duffy was in the wrong, and he had improperly claimed…

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7 May 2013
What Financial Matters Should You Talk to Your Spouse About?

If you’ve ever watched even just one episode of Til Debt Do Us Part, you know just how ignorant some people can be about their spouse’s financial matters. Or where they stand as a couple at all when it comes to money matters. And while you may have sat there smugly on your own couch, shaming…

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5 May 2013
Is there Enough Transparency with the Government?

It’s probably the issue that the Conservatives are taken to task to the most – are they being transparent enough in their dealings, their taxes, and their revenue to the Canadian people? And although this is usually an issue reserved for the House of Commons, it’s now being dragged right out to the Canadian public….

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5 May 2013
Low Interest Rates Until 2015? The PBO Thinks So!

Ever since 2010 we’ve been hearing that interest rates are “going to rise next year!” This has always brought with it a new form of panic, of people worrying about debt (although we all should be anyway) and buying homes based on an interest rate that’s actually much higher than today’s posted rate (another good…

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4 May 2013
Should the Minimum Wage be Raised?

It was on Thursday that The Campaign to Raise the Minimum Wage stormed Queen’s Park to give the Ontario Ministry of Labour a Canadian $10 bill. That was frozen in a block of ice. Their point was that the minimum wage has been kept at $10.25 for the past three years, and that you can’t…

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