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Being Canadian can get You Free Shipping!

16 December 2012

Everyday Money recently ran a post detailing how Canadians can get free shipping online by shopping at certain sites. There are many of them, and often they’re even lumped into convenient groups on sites such as It’s websites like these that you can check out a number of online retailers that offer free shipping to Canadians, and do your shopping  online just as you would in your favourite brick and mortar – by looking at the price tags. But be a wary buyer when shopping, and know what these sites are actually offering.

The Sites
There are hundreds of retailers in Canada, such as Best Buy, that will offer you offer free shipping on any order you place online. Then there are other sites such as FreeShipping that was mentioned above, RedFlagDeals, and Bargain Moose that provide a list of all the stores that will offer you free shipping. Many of these sites had one day events leading up to the holidays where free shipping was offered on certain days with guarantees of delivery by Christmas Eve. With nine days until Christmas, that ship has sailed but the sites are good to shop on all year round.

Buyer Beware
Before you go searching through an entire site for an hour before you decide all you really want is that iPhone case for $15, be sure to check the site’s policies. Many will have a minimum amount that you need to spend before the free shipping will be offered; and then that iPhone case could cost far more than you expected. Some sites don’t have a minimum; those that do often have it set at around $50.

It’s no wonder that sites are starting to offer free shipping. A recent survey found that 70% of online shopping carts are abandoned. And while the costs of shipping aren’t the only reason, they’re the biggest, the survey also found. That makes sense, considering that shoppers often aren’t given the shipping costs (or even the price of the item!) until they arrive at the checkout.

But it’s also no wonder why online merchants are starting to target Canadians specifically. Another survey found that out of the 10 biggest countries in the world, on average, 93 per cent of residents have purchased something online. In Canada however, that number drops to only 82 per cent.

How long do you think it will be until 100 per cent of Canadians will have purchased something online? And how long (if ever) do you think it will take until everyone’s doing 100 per cent of their shopping online?

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